Training Opportunities

Human Trafficking 101

This course covers the basics of Human Trafficking—what it is, how it happens, and what you can do to help those who have been harmed by it.

After going through this training you will be able to understand the depth of damage caused by trafficking, you will be able to identify when someone has been trafficked, and you will be able to interact with appropriate compassion and understanding towards those who have been victims of trafficking.

Key points in this training include:

  • How victims are made: Force, Fraud & Coercion
  • Common myths and real facts about trafficking
  • Types of trafficking and the people involved
  • Language commonly used around trafficking
  • A Day in the Life of a trafficked individual
  • Behind Sex Trafficking – the psychological, mental, spiritual and social effect
  • Trauma and the many ways
    it can be experienced

Faithful Friend Program

This training is always held in conjunction with our Human Trafficking 101 training, and it prepares you to become a volunteer in our Faithful Friend program.

The Faithful Friend program pairs a volunteer with a trafficking survivor, and they both commit to building a healthy, reciprocal friendship. The program intends to model positive relationships for the survivor and build a bond between the two individuals that lasts a lifetime.

Key points in this training include:

  • Establishing appropriate boundaries as a volunteer
  • What you can expect and what we expect from you
  • Overview of tools, resources and support available from Re-Fined
  • The importance of self-care during the volunteer process
  • Our code of ethics and best practice standards

Styling Program

Learn to help a survivor renew her pride and ownership in her personal appearance through styling and fashioning services.​

Key points in this training include:

  • Help a survivor who is facing her abuser in court take the stand with poise and confidence.
  • Help educate her on her presentation so her testimony won’t be discounted.
  • Provide a new look (hairstyle and nails) and new clothing to a survivor to help her renew her sense of joy in her own beauty.
  • Help a survivor take the next step toward stability by readying her for job interviews.

Another great way to get involved

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