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Freedom from Hopelessness

We’ve all experienced moments in time where fear paralyzes us… moments in time when we feel like we can’t move on from where we are. Feelings of hopelessness, regret, shame, guilt and unworthiness overwhelm our mind and soul. We desperately wish we could simply awaken from the experience because it was only a bad dream; however, that’s not the case. We immediately realize we are still stuck, still fighting, and still trying to catch our breath or at least gain some ground. Where is the hope? Is a hopeful future even possible anymore?

John 8:36 reminds us that “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!” Jesus invites us to drop all of the baggage we carry through life.

What is your baggage? Is it a boss that harps on you no matter how good of a job you do? A child struggling with depression or rebellion, and you are at a loss when it comes to giving them help they need? Are the IRS bills piling up? Has a family member been diagnosed with a terminal disease? A friends’ daughter has decided to become a dancer in Las Vegas? Unplanned pregnancy? Alcoholism? Gluttony? Unfaithful spouse? There are many life situations and even words that can bring instant fear, but if we focus on them, then that is when we become paralyzed. But…There is ALWAYS a way out. ALWAYS! Look for it. Seek it. Pursue it. When you find yourself paralyzed, you must begin the look for the way out. Do NOT let distractions keep you from facing your fears.

Jesus himself had fears. JUST LIKE YOU! In Luke 22:39-44, Jesus shares his weakness and fears with us. As he was praying on the Mount of Olives one evening, he was so overcome with grief/fear/sadness (whatever it was) that he turned to ask His Father in Heaven to keep him from having to do what was being asked of him. Verse 44 describes that his grief was so heavy and that his sweat was like blood, so God sent an angel from heaven to strengthen him. Jesus was experiencing intense spiritual agony and suffering, so much so that he began perspiring blood like sweat.

Today, this phenomenon is called “hemathohidrosis.” Surrounding the sweat glands are multiple blood vessels that, when under the pressure of great stress, constrict. As anxiety passes, the blood vessels dilate to the point of rupture, and the blood flows and seeps into the sweat glands. As a result, sweat comes out as droplets of blood mixed with sweat.

I believe Jesus shared his weakness with us because He desires for us to share our weaknesses and fears with him. He understands suffering. One way out of what seems like paralysis is to focus on Jesus instead of focusing on your fears. When this is done your fears will become smaller and smaller, and your trust in Jesus will become more and more, taking you one step closer to FREEDOM!

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