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Your Heart, Their Hope

A Warm Thank You to Our Future Volunteers

Every hand extended in help at Re-Fined is a seed of hope planted in the hearts of those we serve. We are deeply grateful for individuals like you, ready to stand alongside us in this mission of restoration and empowerment.

Your willingness to get involved marks the beginning of profound change — not just in the lives of those we aid but in your journey of compassion and growth as well.

You Can Make a Difference

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Faithful Friend

Offer essential support to individuals navigating life after exploitation. This program pairs you with an individual, guiding them towards healing and a renewed sense of belonging in a safe, supportive environment. You’ll walk alongside them, showing what healthy relationships can look like.

Note: Sexual Exploitation Training and Volunteer Training required.

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GAP Nights

GAP Nights are a unique opportunity to connect deeply with those we serve through shared meals and conversations. You’ll participate in group dinners, offering a listening ear, sharing experiences, and providing encouragement to individuals on their paths to healing.

Note: No training required.

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Styling Services

Use your styling expertise to help individuals on their healing journey. By providing professional styling, makeup, and wardrobe guidance, you play a crucial role in enhancing their self-image and confidence.

Note: Volunteers must complete Styling Training.

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Court Support

Provide crucial assistance to individuals facing their abusers. This role involves offering emotional support, preparation for court appearances, and the courage to pursue justice. You’ll be a critical ally in their journey, ensuring they never feel alone during the legal process.

Note: Sexual Exploitation Training and Volunteer Training required.

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Continuing Care Community

Engage directly in the long-term support of individuals rebuilding their lives through our Continuing Care Community. Volunteers in this program facilitate group activities, provide one-on-one support, and contribute to a nurturing environment that encourages ongoing growth and healing.

Note: Sexual Exploitation Training and Volunteer Training required.

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Mission Briefings

Nurturing Connections for Long-Term Recovery

If you have a passion for helping survivors of sexual exploitation, one of the most effective ways you can support us is by attending a Mission Briefing! The more support we have from the community, the more effectively we can reach those who have been abused and forgotten.

Partnership Opportunities

Don’t miss our amazing opportunities to Partner with us as we Restore the Exploited. 

Other Ways to Get Involved

Becoming a part of Re-Fined’s volunteer team means joining a dedicated group striving to make an impact. Here’s how you can lend your talents and passion:

Community Mobilizers

Network and connect us with communities.

Grant Writers

Help secure essential funding.

Financial Partners

Boost our mission with your contributions.

Event Coordinators

Plan and execute awareness and fundraising events.

Prayer Team Members

Offer spiritual support through prayer. 

Educational Opportunities

Learn more about our cause with Sexual Exploitation 101 Training, available to all interested in understanding and combating sexual exploitation.

Another great way to get involved

With your generous gift today, you are helping to empower and restore the lives of sexually exploited survivors.