Passionately dedicated volunteers are needed to help restore dignity and hope for survivors!

Exploited individuals need Refinement from the inside-out. We help them with their internal image (Re-fined Mentoring), and their external appearance (Re-fined Styling).

The goal in Refinement is their freedom. Whether they were born or brought into exploitation, through the Refinement process, freedom can be found to move forward in life and be who they were meant to be.

Re-fined Mentors

Re-fined Mentors walk alongside a survivor of sexual exploitation in their restoration process; helping them reclaim their dignity and self-worth. Mentors are each paired with “one” survivor to encourage them in positive self-promotion as they successfully re-enter society. Our hope is for every survivor to be nurtured to wholeness through deep, connected relationships as they journey into a life of new beginnings.

Re-fined desires to empower Christ’s people to form restorative relationships with survivors of sexual exploitation through mentoring. Re-fined Mentors will need support and guidance as they develop deep connected relationships with survivors and that is at the heart of what Re-fined provides for our Mentors.

Mentor Training

Come, learn, and be inspired to form empowering and restorative relationships with survivors of sexual exploitation through Re-fined’s Mentoring Program. Learn More »

Re-fined Stylists

The Re-fined Styling Program offers free cosmetology and fashioning services to survivors of sexual exploitation for judicial advocacy and job interview prep to support survivors as they transition through stabilization facilities and into a life of new beginnings.

The intent is to educate in professional presentations and offer empowerment through coaching in positive self-promotion.

Re-fined’s Styling Program aspires to restore dignity and beauty by offering free cosmetology and fashioning services to survivors. Re-fined partners with Cosmetology Salon’s and Stylists in the Denver Metro Area.

stylist program Training

Complete the Re-fined’s Stylist Program Training and begin partnering with Re-fined to empower survivors to reclaim their identity. Learn More »

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