Passionately dedicated volunteers are needed to help restore dignity and hope for survivors!

Exploited individuals need Refinement from the inside out. We work to restore their internal image (Faithful Friend Program), their external appearance (Styling and Refashioning Program), and their dignity (Court Support Program), all with the intention of freeing them from their exploitation.

Each of these victims are made in the image of God, and each deserves to be completely freed from exploitation in mind, body and spirit. Through restorative relationships and supportive programming, each of these survivors can be nurtured to wholeness and empowered to live lives of freedom, joy and fulfillment.

Faithful Friends

Restore Their Internal Image —
Walk alongside a survivor as a true friend and help restore her sense of self-worth.

Re-fined’s Faithful Friends participate in a steady, ongoing friendship with a survivor and help her reclaim her self-worth through a stable, reciprocal friendship that is built on trust. Re-fined’s Faithful Friends walk alongside survivors during their restoration processes.

A Faithful Friend carefully and patiently models what a healthy friendship looks like for their survivor friend, and invests in the survivor’s growth and dreams, helping her see her own value and encourage her as she builds her support system.

Supported by the Re-fined staff, Faithful Friends lay the foundation for survivors to build strong support systems that will sustain their growth and provide resiliency in their futures.

Styling & Fashioning

Restore Their External Appearance —
Help a survivor renew her pride and ownership in her personal appearance through styling and fashioning services.

Re-fined partners with local beauticians and salons to provide free cosmetology services to survivors of sexual exploitation.

By renewing a survivor’s outward appearance, stylists are able to have a positive impact on how a survivor views herself. By providing a new look (hairstyle and nails) and new clothing to a survivor Re-fined Stylists help renew her sense of joy in her own beauty.

This service prepares a survivor to face her abuser in court take the stand with poise and confidence, and to successfully navigate job interviews. This is a crucial piece in the process of giving a survivor hope for her future.

Court Support

RESTORE THEIR dignity — 
Give a survivor the moral support and physical confidence she needs as she faces her abuser in court.

Court Support volunteers sign on to walk with a survivor through the arduous process of giving testimony against her abuser.

To prepare her for this, Re-fined staff and volunteers take her shopping for professional clothing, transport her to and from the courtroom, and coach her through the entire court process.

This service supports the survivor by making sure she doesn’t have to navigate the court system alone, and by giving her a chance to have her testimony taken seriously. Court Support volunteers Establish trust with a survivor in a time of great turmoil so she can see Re-fined as a way out of a life of exploitation.

Continuing Care Community

RESTORE THEIR independence — 
Give women a place to meet, build friendships with other survivors, access free counseling services, receive spiritual guidance and mentoring, and participate in a safe community.

Re-fined will offer the Continuing Care program as an option to current clients who are about to graduate from their housing programs. If interested, they will receive a survey that will assess their needs and their current life situation. Once they have completed the survey, Re-fined staff will pair participants with a counselor, and will extend an invitation to the monthly / bi-monthly community groups. Those groups will focus on different topics, such as life skills, Bible studies, community fun, and other relevant material.

The program also includes incentives for participation and child care for participants with kids who want to come to the community meetings.

After they have become established in the program, participants will be invited to help lead the program and have a voice in the topics being covered and the way the community continues to develop.

Mission Briefings

Mission Briefings are small gatherings where you have the opportunity to hear about Re-fined’s work, learn about the problem of human trafficking in Colorado, and discover actionable solutions.

If you have a passion for helping survivors of sexual exploitation, one of the most effective ways you can support us is by attending a Mission Briefing! The more support we have from the community, the more effectively we can reach those who have been abused and forgotten.


  • Brief mission overview from a Re-fined staff member
  • Q&A session
  • Food and refreshments

Other Volunteer Opportunities

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We would love to have you partner with us! Please see our list of opportunities below:

Community Mobilizers

Individuals who are passionate about connecting other people to Re-fined! If you are someone who loves networking for a good cause, we want to talk to you about how we can work together.

Experienced Grant Writers

Financial Partners

Event and Fundraising Coordinators

Prayer Team Members

We also offer a training opportunity for volunteers who are interested in our work but don’t know where they might fit in.

Human Trafficking 101 Training

This course covers the basics of human trafficking – what it is, how it happens, and what you can do to help those who have been harmed by it. Find out more information here.

Another great way to get involved

Donate: Your gift to Re-fined supports our mission to bring self-worth to victims of sexual abuse and help them re-claim their dignity and place in society.