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Core Values

Re-fined's Core Values are to reflect Christ's love by helping sexually exploited survivors see themselves as their Creator sees them.

We desire to help individuals take back their identity, reclaim their dignity and end the cycle of sexual abuse … Learn More »

The Problem

Most people have no idea just how BIG the problem of exploitation is in the US alone.

$ 1 m
commercial sex industry profit in denver
1 y
life expectancy of trafficked minors
1 k
children prostituted every year in the US
< 1 h
Runaways will be approached for trafficking

Our Solutions

A Former Client

I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with Re-fined for the last nine months and can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without it. I’ve learned how to put myself together respectably and confidently (hair, nails, clothing) and how to interact with people that I might not have had the opportunity previously (professionals, management, business owners, etc.). This program equipped and prepared me to go and get a job, feel great about myself and my future, and gave me the tools to continue forward in my new life.

I truly love this program and know that many other women deserve the opportunity the experience the expertise and genuine care of this program.

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